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Amplifying our impact against disinformation, one partnership at a time


Amplifying our impact against disinformation, one partnership at a time
Break the Fake partnership with Rappler will help reach more audiences and spread awareness in fighting fake news and disinformation.

The internet has helped spread false information faster than ever before. Misinformation campaigns and “deep fake” videos have become common. In this new media landscape, it can be tempting to give up on facts and trust only what you see on social media. Even reputable news sources have fallen victim to the “fake news” phenomenon.

We, at Break the Fake Movement, continue to raise awareness among Filipino citizens, especially the youth, to use critical thinking in consuming online media content on social media and use it to make wise decisions. To widen our reach, we’ve partnered with several organizations that share the same advocacy of fighting disinformation, misinformation, and fake news.

Recently, we’ve teamed up with Rappler with their new Lighthouse platform to create content, reach more audiences, and get our word out. The platform will allow us to post articles, videos, and infographics all aimed at helping our audience learn how to identify fake news, avoid succumbing to it and make sure they aren’t spreading it themselves. This will allow Break the Fake to leverage Rappler’s domain in creating more community-friendly content through a great user experience.

We’re excited about this partnership because Rappler shares our mission of helping people sort through the kind of information they find online and make sure they’re getting quality facts. Break the Fake closely aligns with Rappler’s three pillars – journalism, technology, and community, and we’re beyond ecstatic to see how their platform can help us further connect our story to our bigger movement and translate the work of our movement to real-world impact. 

Working with Rappler is not too new to us. We’ve collaborated with them for the Media Civics Lab Seminar Workshop Series in 2021 through their program #MovePH. We have also launched a webinar on fact-checking entitled ‘Fact-checking in the Time of COVID-19 pandemic.’

We also collaborated with their #FactFirstPh initiative together with other groups and organizations. This initiative is formed to fight the use of social media to spread disinformation.

We hope that through this partnership, people will realize that by using social media mindfully and responsibly, we can do our part in making our world a better place for us all.


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